What We're Wearing to Rodeo Houston: Native American Turquoise

With Rodeo Houston about to kick off, Jay sat down & chatted with CultureMap about his favorite collection in store: Native American turquoise jewelry

American Indian turquoise jewelry at J. Landa

Here's the take away: We're so excited that Rodeo Houston is back! The excitement Rodeo provides to the city is palpable, so we're feeding off that energy – go big and wear it all! Don't bother taking off your everyday diamonds, but mix them in with Native American jewelry.

American Indian jewelry is a luxury piece and we think of it as an investment in any wardrobe. For those girls who think turquoise jewelry is so southwest, you're so wrong and missing out! Native American jewelry can be modern, and it's truly wearable art - plus it can give your #neckmess a cool vibe year round.

American Indian turquoise jewelry at J. Landa

The #neckmess continues to gain momentum and we are so excited to show clients how to mix in turquoise American Indian pieces with their golden chains and diamond charms. Mixing these two styles may not seem like it makes sense, but that's the whole point of the #neckmess - there are no rules! I love adding a turquoise necklace from my favorite American Indian designer Federico to my personal neckmess.

Our go-to pieces for Rodeo this year? 

  1. Navajo pearl chokers – we love the casual, sexy vibe these necklaces add to a #neckmess, and you can add your favorite charm to it for a modern look.
  2. If you're going to invest in one Native American piece, make it a squash blossom necklace. These pieces have such a strong presence, and you can really feel the history in the design
  3. A big radiant turquoise ring or cuff - such an easy way to make an impact. 

Turquoise jewelry at J. Landa jewelry


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