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You might be asking, what is a Murphy Chain?

The Murphy Chain is one of our most popular necklaces and also our most versatile. It's a true J. Landa classic! Each Murphy is made up of semi-precious stone beads, but which stone, size, color, length or shape is up to you!

Our most popular Murphy is the 2mm Pyrite Murphy Chain. If you like mixing metals, pyrite is sure to be one of your favorite stones. The gunmetal grey color and metallic finish lets this stone work well with both sterling silver and gold. As it catches the light, you'll see an almost bronze reflection, it's the perfect transition stone for sterling and gold jewelry.

If you like a little more color and chaos, you'll love the look of layered Murphy Chains. At J. Landa we like to say more is more, and if we could, we'd layer two dozen every day! With multiple Murphy's, the variety of stone color, shape, and size gives off a playful, carefree vibe that we can't get enough of! Layer bright Murphy's with a neutral outfit for a pop of color.

As a long necklace, wrapping gives you freedom to create your own style! One of my personal favorite ways to wear the Murphy Chain is wrapped multiple times with a statement pendant. If you like bracelets, wear as a wrap bracelet for a dainty and effortless addition to your favorite arm party!

What are your favorite #WaysToWearIt? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hilary Schuhmacher

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