Trendspotting the 2017 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is around the corner once again! Between the chili cook off, livestock show, and carnival there's something for everyone. If you're anything like us, the best part of the Rodeo is enjoying street style! Whether you're wearing stilettos or boots, there's a considerably Western influence blowing in with our next cold front. 

Turquoise is a classic Rodeo staple, though we think it's a stone for every day and everybody. We're sure to see both women and men stunning in Sleeping Beauty, Crested Butte, and White Buffalo turquoise (though my personal favorite is anything I can get my hands on). Be on the lookout for squash blossoms ranging from extra small to extra extra large, worn casually and cocktail ready.

Some people might say less is more, but at J. Landa, we think more is more! Take your look above and beyond with multiple large layered necklaces, and be sure not to shy away from a statement earring. A simple top doesn't seem so simple when your jewelry is impeccable! Create your own story with jewelry, it's all about how you feel translating into how you look.

We like to pair our squash blossoms with large thunderbird pendants, matching Federico earrings, and a statement ring. Shop our links above! The mix of different pieces elevates a head to toe black outfit from errands to an editorial look.

Turquoise is an incredibly diverse stone. Naturally occurring turquoise forms in a variety of colors ranging from emerald green to royal blue, and even white! Due to how it's formed, turquoise most commonly includes a matrix of darker veins running through the stone. What you might not know is the variety in those veins will change depending on which "host rock" it's formed in. Black veins come from iron pyrite while a yellow or bronze matrix is formed from rhyolite, a volcanic rock. The more common brown veining is from iron oxide, most commonly hematite, though there are 15 other types of iron oxide commonly found in turquoise jewelry. North American and Asian turquoise is commonly found with this matrix, while Middle Eastern turquoise connoisseurs prefer a consistently colored stone. At J. Landa, we have an extensive collection of turquoise from Native American to contemporary pieces. Turquoise isn't a trend, it's timeless.

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference! I love the one of a kind nature of matrixed stones, but there is definitely a market for "visually perfect" stones. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is a great example of this - this south central Arizona mine is famous for producing incredibly opaque, sky blue turquoise. Be careful, as imitation or manufactured turquoise has a similar color. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Veined or not - turquoise is a stone that likes being near other stones. It's usually set in sterling silver, but don't be scared to mix metals. We like to style it with just about everything.

We love a party, especially an arm party! Arms stacked high with cuffs, wraps, and bracelets is impossibly chic and a trend we can't get enough of. Luckily, it's not going away anytime soon!

We're especially loving large slab turquoise and antique coin and turquoise cuffs. Statement bracelets are the easiest way to throw personality into an everyday outfit - an amazing piece worn alone makes any outfit amazing, but an enviable stack of sterling and stones is sure to stop traffic.

Horn and bone are in! - though we would argue that they've never been out. There's so much variety within horn and bone jewelry - large slab statement necklaces, longhorn and cross pendants, Tibetan bangles.

We like to layer our horn statement necklaces with smaller, but equally as dramatic pendants. And because we can't help ourselves, we have to include a little bit of turquoise! 

This Rodeo season is sure to be extravagant, especially coming off the success of Super Bowl LI. Wear a lot, wear a little, but wear something you love. Trending pieces spotlight the best accessories of the moment, but the best accessory is always a smile!

What are your favorite trends for the upcoming 2017 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo? Let us know in the comments below!

Hilary Schuhmacher

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