Jay Beyond Jewelry: What Would Jay Do

The man behind the brand – Jay Landa – is far more than jewelry. He's a stylist. He's a world traveler. He's passionate about equality and human rights. He's a lover of animals (especially his Frenchie Moe). He loves a good vodka martini. And that only scratches the surface.

In this week's edition of Jay Beyond Jewelry, we're asking him a series of "what ifs." It's Monday – we're all wishing we could be somewhere or something else today, right?!    

Q. What animal would you want to be reincarnated as?

A. A pretty bird that summers and winters in exotic locations. 

Q. Who would you swap lives with for a day?

A. A teacher – just knowing how hard they work and how instrumental they are in the foundation of early child development ... keeping students curious and encouraging them to participate. I think it would be invaluable to step into their shoes for a day. 

Q. If you worked at the circus, what job would you want to have?

A. Ringmaster (lol) - I’d love to create a new vision for the circus, which would include new outfits, including jewelry of course!  

Q. You’re a new addition to the Crayon box. What color would you be and why?

A. "Proud as a Peacock" — iridescent colors in pink and purple with splashes of turquoise.

Q. If you won the lottery, what would be your first big splurge?

A. Well, it would be hard not to splurge on a nice little castle/villa in Italy or France

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