Charmed by the #Neckmess

Fine jewelry doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. We always tell our clients, don't take it too seriously - and the trending messy necklace layers (#neckmess) is the perfect example of that. Your charms don't have to lay perfectly. Your metals don't have to match. The messier, the better.

diamond charm necklaces

Jay's newest collection - coming soon!

Part 1 of the Neck Mess: Charms

We've always been about charms and symbols at J. Landa. And we love to mix them in an irreverent way. A skull with a cross. An evil eye with a snake. A hamsa with a heart. Wear the symbols that speak to you – it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else. 

We can all use some constant protection, which is why some of our go-to charms are evil eyes and hamsas (or the Hand of Fatima). Both are symbols of protection, meant to ward off negative energy and bring its owner happiness. Yes, please! 

Not everyone is a skull girl, and we also often get asked, "why snakes?!" Well, we love both symbols for their edgy (and sexy!) vibe, and we've grown to see them as symbols of new life – shed your skin and start fresh!  

the neck mess necklace layers

Part 2: Mixed Metals & Chains

Mixing metals – it’s one of our favorite ways to accessorize, and we’re always pushing our clients out of their one-metal comfort zone. Our Metallica collection makes mixing metals fun and easy, and it's is a great place to start. We love the look of mixing gold with darker oxidized sterling silver. It's a great way to modernize and update your look. A touch of rose gold rounds out the look with its soft pink hue. 

Mix different lengths and chain thicknesses to add texture to your necklace layers. We're loving paperclip and curb chains at the moment – modern with a rock and roll edge. But don't worry if the layering isn't perfect, that's what the #neckmess is all about – imperfection!

The #neckmess is the laissez-faire way to represent your #badB personality, and we can't get enough of it!  So come on, join us, and let's get our #neckmess ON!!

the neck mess mixed metals

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