Dian Malouf Tucson Trip

Thought my Dian Malouf clients would get a kick-out-of her journey through Tucson in search of perfection.  It's great to know how hard she still works to find the perfect stones to set in her beautiful jewelry.  We cannot hardly wait for our upcoming Trunk Show scheduled in April.  Be prepared to see and enjoy her most recent findings!

 - J. 

Every year, we take a 36 hour train ride to Tuscon, Arizona for the Gem and Mineral show (44 shows all over Tuscon). On the train, we watch the world change colors from farm land, to desert, to mountains...

We get up early and hit the shows! Dian searches through thousands...and thousands...of stones to find the perfect stones. We find cast morano glass pieces from Ancient Italian intaglios, meteorites from north of the artic circle, and stones from the base of Mount Kilamnjaro. Brooke searches through hundreds of strands of pearls for the right strand. We hand pick the turquoise, we will cut for our pieces this year (Turquoise is becoming a fine gem, and is now being sold by the CT weight! The best turquoise is being mined out so get yours this year!)

We are on our feet, traveling from show to show, eight hours a day, for 7 days straight. We get up early for the BIG gem show that Dian loves the most! Every year, for as long as we can remeber, she has been FIRST in line. She has to get the first pick! She runs and runs (barefoot since shoes slow her down) so she can have the first pick. After a picking our favorite stones we go see Michelle at the UPS office where she sends 161 pounds of stones back to dallas for us! The next morning we make our way home! 

-Dian Malouf Team



Jay Landa

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