A Lesson in Layering

Also known as a lesson in story-telling.
As a Texan, layering isn’t a word we commonly use.
In fact, I can only think of two instances where “layering” is used
1) when telling a cohesive story with jewelry we “layer” and born was our hashtag #whatsyourstory
2) when eating at a Mexican restaurant it’s very important to “layer” queso and guac for the best possible dining experience

Back to the jewelry and story-telling…

Everyone has a story.
Every story, like every style changes and evolves, grows older, builds and reinvents.


Of course we keep in mind our client comes in for A) a reason (birthday, anniversary, they’re treating themselves…) B) the season (bright, colorful summer pieces for an upcoming beach vacay vs. a statement cuff or choker for the cooler seasons) or C) for a lifetime/core piece (that pair of champagne diamond earrings they saw a few months back and slept on it…, or that 14k gold necklace that they will #nevertakeoff)...
The J. Landa client comes back for a very specific reason apart from purchasing… the honesty. Without further ado – a few honest opinions to consider when layering…
What YOU like
The only second opinion you need is your own

Be Trendy
Your timing is most likely off
Find a focal point and balance everything else around it.
Enhance what you have to work with. You wouldn’t cut and color your hair before your wedding day would you? Subtle additions to a great group of pieces will add the oomph you’re looking for. Don't be afraid to "drag-it-out"!

Tell YOUR story
Not someone else’s. Let others inspire your story, not tell it.
#whatsyourstory is exactly that---find your individual style.

If you’re not the one taking the test you’re not learning.
Which is why we're experts to help you find the right reason/season/ lifetime piece that will complete your story.
Be confident, above all
In your style and your story.
Be a BadB... we know it's in there! 

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