Richard Schmidt at J.Landa

Being from Texas, I have always liked to help support other local artists. Understanding what it means to design my own collection and knowing that there is always something new to learn; discovering designers that fit our brand is always exciting.

A collaboration that my team and I are thrilled to announce is with La Grange based jewelry designer and silversmith, Richard Schmidt. I first met Richard this summer when I was visiting his store in La Grange. After taking a tour and learing where he got all of his inspiration I understand that even though we came from different backgrounds we were cut from the same cloth. 

Growing up in McAllen I was surrounded by the culture of the Virgen de Guadalupe, saints, crosses, churchs, etc. I was enticed to do a collaboration with him because of his multi-genertaion Texas esthetic, folkoric influences, and of course his hammered metal technique. JUST in time for the end of October, with a collection based around Dia De Los Muertos, history, and religion it will be a mix of sophistication and Texas. Our customers love an unique one-of-a-kind piece which is why Richard is adding 14K gold and semi - precious stones to his already one-of-a-kind pieces that are made esepcially for our store and this event. Staying true to our roots, I belive that this collaboratin will be a mix of Texas charm and modern influence. 

These pieces will be wearable with your denim and boots but also with your going out or work attire as well. I am proud to extend my name from the big city to a historic town.

Expanding beyond the lavish, luxury, lifestyle of diamonds and gemstones we are creating this #whatsyourstory with complete intention of taking Texas by storm. 





Jay Landa

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